5 Tips for Traveling with Friends

It’s February now which means time to really start thinking about spring break plans! It’s been super cold where I am the last week, so spring seems like a distant memory, but break is really only six weeks away. Last October six of my best friends and I went on a road trip. We had so much fun traveling together and were lucky that everything went really smoothly. If you are thinking about a spring break road trip, here are a few tips from out experience.

1. Rent an AirBnB and cook your own food

We found a cute little house to rent on AirBnB and made a pit stop at Walmart the night we got there. With seven people, the AirBnB was pretty cost efficient and way more fun and cozy than a hotel! We also saved a lot of money by cooking almost all of our meals there. We ate well but still only spent $24 each on groceries for three days.

2. Check out state parks or national parks

We went to an area with lots of state parks to explore. Entrance fees are inexpensive (especially with seven people to split the cost), and if the weather’s nice, you can spend all day hiking, picnicking, or just sitting outside enjoying nature!

3. Use Venmo to split costs

Apps are really helpful in keeping money straight. AirBnB lets you split payment evenly among guests, and we split the rest of our shared costs (like groceries) through Venmo. Having one person pay up front makes life a lot faster and less complicated when you’re checking out somewhere, and with Venmo, you don’t have to scrounge for the right change. If you’re in a city, Uber also lets you split payment.

4. Make a Spotify playlist together

If you really want it to be a good road trip, you need a good playlist! πŸ™‚ We made a collaborative Spotify playlist which gave us hours of music to listen to on the drive. Plus it will bring back fun memories if you listen to it after the trip!

5. Video your adventures

Pretty quickly into the trip, we decided that we wanted to make a video of our adventures. We picked a song and then between the seven of us came up with far more footage than we could actually use, sent all that footage to one lucky person who got to sort through it all, and had that person edit it all. It’s another fun way to preserve memories and document things that don’t come across in photos.

Do you have any fun spring break plans? What other tips should be on this list?

5 Tips for Road Trips with Friends

7 thoughts on “5 Tips for Traveling with Friends

  1. Great tips! As someone who goes away with friends quite a bit, we have come to do quite a few of the tips you share but we have not created Spotify playlists…I might need to organise a weekend away just so I can do this…Thanks for sharing


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