Art in Mexico City: Frida Kahlo

If you like artwork, history, gardens, or Frida Kahlo, you should probably explore Frida Kahlo’s Blue House in Coyoacan while you’re in Mexico City as well as the Dolores Olmedo museum in Xochimilco and the Museum of Modern Art near Chapultepec.

La Casa Azul

If you want to visit la Casa Azul, definitely buy tickets online ahead of time! They limit how many people can enter at a time, so long lines can develop. However, there is a separate line for people who already bought a ticket. I believe you purchase them for a certain time window, but I’m not sure since I was traveling with a group.

If you want to take pictures inside, you’ll have to buy a permit which cost about 30 pesos. I did not buy the permit, so I do not have many pictures! It’s very lush with lots of gardens and windows that must have provided a lot of inspiration.

Inside visitors can walk through the house and see different furniture and belongings of Frida. This was her family home, and she lived here on and off throughout her life. Trotsky and his wife even lived here with Frida and Diego Rivera for two years. They then purchased their own home nearby where Trotsky was ultimately assassinated with an ice pick. It is also open to visitors, so I’d visit both if you have time.

The Dolores Olmedo Museum

Dolores Olmedo was a wealthy patron of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo who formed a close relationship with Diego over the years. She collected not only their art but also a variety of other Mesoamerican pieces and pop art. In 1994, she opened this museum on a former hacienda.

In addition to the house which houses the artwork collection, the museum includes extensive grounds. We especially enjoyed watching the many peacocks wandering around!

The museum is also home to several xoloitzcuintle, prehispanic hairless dogs that are nearly extinct today. If you’ve seen the movie Coco, you’ve seen a xoloitzcuintle–Miguel’s dog Dante is an example of this breed traditionally believed to protect against evil spirits.

Real dog on the left, statue on the right

The museum costs 100 pesos for foreigners (about $5 USD) and is a great place to visit before or after a boat ride on the trajineros of Xochimilco!

Museum of Modern Art

You can also see some of Frida Kahlo’s work at the Museum of Modern Art near Chapultepec. I particularly enjoyed the chance to see “The Two Fridas,” one of her works I was most familiar with.

The museum has a variety of work from Diego Rivera, Siquieros, Orozco, and many other artists as well, although I’m not sure how many works there are from each of those artists. It has about 3,000 pieces, so there’s plenty to look at, but it’s not a huge building, so you can make it through pretty quickly if you’d like or take your time.

Another piece that caught my attention by Juan O’Gorman

This museum is also really close to the famous Museum of Anthropology, so there’s plenty to see in the Chapultepec area.

This is only a small taste of the art there is to see in Mexico City! What do you think?

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